About this site

I started writing with the intention of becoming better at understanding my own thoughts and learning how to communicate them in ways others can relate.

I wrote my first essay as a way to share with my friends about the domestic violence and abuse I had experienced from a mutual friend. I was so uncomfortable talking about it, so I wrote the essay in using a metaphor from a machine learning concept and related it to a very vulnerable part of my life. Sharing that essay helped me to overcome the embarrassment I felt of being a victim of that situation. Since then, I’ve felt the impact of my writing and been able to offer my support to others in similar situations to my past.

I hope to continue writing impactful pieces here. My goal is to publish essays that dive into my recent curiosities, at least once per month.

Welcome to cloudless sundays :)

Over the years, I've had to move from Revue to Substack to Ghost due to various services shutting down. I now host all my content on ayirprah.com.